Purchase Steem.Account with ETH on Steem.Ninja

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This video is a short demonstration on how to purchase a new Steem account with Ethereum on Steem.Ninja. I plan to add more crypto currencies to Steem.Ninja within the next weeks.

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I am definitely supporting your page. I am new to this, but Ninja's are awesome. Thank you for the advice and demonstration on how to Purchase a new Steem Account with Ethereum on Steem.Ninja. I will strongly consider this as I am new and interested in expanding my content's audience. #PleaseAddMore #Enjoyed #@churlbert77

Wow look at you go! ❤️❤️❤️

Upvoted keep the positivity going.

@scrumptiously they say chivalry is dead!! Thank you for the active support. It is #Inspirational #ThankYOU


@Steem.Ninja @wehomoen keep up the good content you have some active followers!!

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Heck yes!

How do you transfer Steem to your Bitcoin account?

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