Who can solve this Unknown DTube Error?

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If anyone knows how to properly post in @dtube without encountering this "unknown error" (after at least 30 mins of upload time), kindly share it here. Thank you!

I had this @dtube error before but I can't seem to resolve this anymore. I have tried some tips from previous posts but they wouldn't work.

I tried logging out from Steemit and everywhere else, tried incognito, my phone, my laptop. I have been doing this for the nth time since 9pm and it's now almost 1am.

Good luck to me at work later.

I no longer have the luxury of time to post so this is quite frustrating and I don't know when I can find time here again.


Hi @wanderlass, I had the same problem last week. I had zero problems with dtube uploading for nearly 6 months and then last week had the same error.
I always used to have success uploading from chrome, in incognito mode, whilst signed in through steemconnect.

My solution (eventually discovered after a whole day of trial and error as my video was quite long) was something to do with steemconnect.

What worked in the end was...
Log in to dtube with chrome, with ordinary log in, NOT steemconnect. Incognito or not seems to make no difference now.

It worked for me and I uploaded a video less than an hour ago.
Hope this helps you in some way!

Thanks so much for this solution! I'll try this tonight :) Incognito has always worked for me too previously. I would have never thought of trying out that log in as the solution! Thanks :)

I had tried pretty much everything else and couldn't actually believed it when it worked!
Good luck I hope it does the trick!

It worked! Thanks soooo much :)

Yaaay!!! Great stuff! Lets hope it all works without faults for a long time!
Always glad to help out a fellow DTuber! =)