Dtube Music - Tienda de Sombreros - Vlado and Tea

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Hello community as it is always a pleasure to bring a new publication for this audience that is very special, maybe a few years ago nobody imagined that you could have visibility and audience in other countries without being a music star, but you see what technology has achieved, connect us and it is an honor to be part of this great change of era. I've made this song with my friend Tea, I hope you enjoy it.

Hola comunidad como siempre es un gusto traer una nueva publicación para este publico que es muy especial, quizá hace unos años nadie imaginaria que pudieras tener visibilidad y audiencia en otros países sin ser una estrella de la música, pero ya ves lo que la tecnología ha logrado, conectarnos y es un honor hacer parte de este gran cambio de era. esta canción la he realizado con mi amiga Tea espero que la disfrutes.

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Super cool tune it was like hearing sunshine and holidays all wrapped up into a huge ball of awesome happiness and helped my low mood a lot!

Music can lift us and make our soul fly sometimes...Today is one of those days, that was a ukelele, right? It sounded amazing, so, so enjoyable my friend.

Keep creating, keep sharing and have a wonderful, music filled journey...It was wonderful to meet you 😃

Hi @vladoramirez here! I loved your song and the singer witch is featuring you. It is a really fun song and I enjoyed listen it. I'll tell you something...

You got SNEKKED! ;)
Expect a certain Snek to come 'round and give you a bite soon ;)

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hello, it causes me joy, that my work stands out in people, thank you very much

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