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D Tube Short Film Corner: D Tube is a fast growing video sharing platform. I would like to see short films in this growth as a filmmaker. D Tube can have a rich archive of short films like Vimeo. I took the first step with the intro and the movie I shared. If you want to share your short films in here, you can use that intro for your films.

The Film: Our awarenes to the events that are happening around us getting really low because of the rapid flow of life. As a cinema student and a director I always wanted to handle the things we passed by in our daily life without even grasping the situation or a problem. Empathy is one of the diminishing values in our current rapid lifestyle.

In my short movie Stutterer , It tries to open a window for you with an unique perspective to create empathy for people who have speaking disorders and it shows the main problems they are facing in their daily life each and every day.

That film was my scholl project. Project is about a remake of a short movie from our own perspective. I chose a American short film called ''Stutterer.'' I hope you will like it.

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Thank you i'm new fan to follow your job continue .. @vitruvianman

Well it is quite fascinating to see these kind of content in Dtube thanks man I really want to see your future short films.

Thanks ! I hope we will see more short films in D Tube.

Dude this is awesome, at the end of film I found myself as strongly applauding that. I guess Mesut is able to talk fluently at the moment because I talked with him many times on Discord before and I didn't notice his stutterer problem. Or was it also the inner voice of Mesut? :O

Thank you man. Maybe we are all Mesut's inner voice !

This is awesome dude. I got emotional now suddenly when I saw that scenes :) we expect other short films from you. I fall in love @monomyth 's performance in this film. also, @vitruvianman made a good job. I'm congrulation all of you :)

Thank you man, I will share all of my works in following days :) @monomyth was born as an actor !

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this is awesome bro

The movie is so sad at the beginning when a part of Mesut life is presented, but the sun shine for him in the end. Congratulations

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