Thrift Bargain Hunting: An Electric Guitar! 🎸

in dtube •  17 days ago

Hey Dtube!

Recently I’ve been looking for a new guitar and haven’t found one yet but when I went to the Salvos thrift shop the other day I found this!!

And if I had decided quicker I would have gotten a better amp too! But at least there were two!

I lugged it all home in a little shopping pulley basket haha.

Hope we get to have some fun with it later!!

Thanks for watching!

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lol love it!! what a great find!!!


Hehe do you play too? I can’t remember hehe
Thanks for dropping by!

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no i don't but i envy the people who can :)

I am hoping that you will enjoy that piece if instrument @vincy :D
Go for an Amp too.