Cook with @vincy: Instant Kimchi Pancake! Making it for the First Time!

in dtube •  29 days ago

Hey Dtube!!

My brother's friends brought over some packets of instant kimchi pancakes from Korea!
It was intriguing, because they weren't instant noodles but pancakes!!
I really enjoyed making them and eating them!
I WISH we could buy them here!!! Please send me some from Korea!! hehe...

Or maybe I should just try using normal kimchi to make it myself eh? or is that a waste of nice fresh kimchi??

What do you think @roundbeargames? :P

Thanks for watching!!

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lol i hope you enjoyed it cuz i absolutely hate that shit! 😆
i like the version where there's no kimchi and lots of seafood :)


Awwwww hahaaa I like the seafood one too!!

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doesn't give you a sugar crash like the regular kind of pancakes. i could go for this being the new normal



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Yeh I love savoury pancakes and this was quite nice for instant!

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I will also make my banana pancakes with vanilla :) hahaha


😂😋 normal pancakes are good too! Thanks for watching!

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