Centipede alarm clock - reconnecting to nature on a mindful monday

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For whom likes reading more then watching video and because I can't help myself, here's some added background to this clip:

I woke up this morning around 6 am from a sharp, stingy pain in my left foot. At first, I couldn't find anything under my covers, until I searched a little more thoroughly: I saw a pretty big and green centipede crawling over my mattress. People had warned me before that they do sting, but I hadn't experienced that so far, so I did not believe it. Seeing this squiggly multi-legged bug I freaked out a little bit. I thought of splatting it with a sandal. But then my Zen mode took over. I caught it in a pantoffel ( a soft kind of house slipper ), opened my bedroom window, put the pantoffel with the centipede outside my window sill and then closed the window again.

I tried to get back to sleep but couldn't help myself googling the critter for a while. Of course I found emergency stories that didn't ease my nerves - it being poisonous and all - so I soon gave up the reading. Meanwhile, I did not feel my foot anymore ( in a good way ).

I managed to sleep another hour and woke up naturally around 8am. I put on my right pantoffel, opened the window, shaked out the left pantoffel, to make sure there was no centipede inside, put it on and felt something tickling my foot. I took out my pantoffel. The centipede started crawling out of it, I quickly walked to my bedroom window, opened it and shaked it out. The centipede dropped down a couple of meters and crawled away. Luckily I hadn't been stung again.

Hours later, when I started feeling low on energy, I decided to go on a hike in the comfy ( mid twenties Celsius ) Summer weather. I decided to bring food, water, reading material and a notebook along. As soon as I left the village, crossed the main road and then left the asphalt road to walk down an off-road track, nature opened up to me. It inspired me, a little later, to shoot a three minute video with my phone and share it with you. Also, on that walk, I realized it was Monday and that there's a so called #mindfulmonday tag to go with blog posts written on this particular day. So here we go...

P.S. It's probably the daily meditation that I'm on for over a year now and my attempt to reconnect with nature and everything that's part of it, that makes me not even kill a centipede that stung me. In fact, while on my walk, a fly kept trying to land on my sweaty nose. Instead of swatting it away, I thanked it for reminding me of the now. Because, at that moment, my thoughts were drifting and I wasn't in the now.

Beat that! ;>)

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Awesome little vlog bro. Great questions you bring up. Outdoor vlogging must surely be the way forward!

Have been enjoying my own recent run of vlog style films, which now that I'm thinking about it, are almost exclusively outside.

As for the centipede story... yikes... am glad we don't have them in the bedrooms here!

You did good with the fly in the face. I remember thanking the mosquitos for biting me in Bali. But only after two years of practice.

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