How does SteemPress work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest

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Hello Guys

There is cool application in the market and we need to talk about it - STEEMPRESS

What is steempress?

Steempress is an application developed on block chain technology which allows a wordpress user to post their blog on steem blockchain. You write at one platform wordpress but you get the opportunity to publish your content on 2 platforms - steemit and wordpress, with the same effort involved.
With perks involved :
you get a broader audience for your content.
you get rewards - extra money on the same content which you were just publishing on wordpress till now
Steempress is a simple entry door to the awesome crypto world. This is the right time to get into the crypto world

Still have questions :
You can read more about steempress on their website :

You can also create a video and participate in the contest which is sponsored by Blocktrades - Check Here

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I've heard about it, but I'm not using it yet, but I'm going to see what's there. Thanx you put this info up.

yeah that's the spirit:)

Looking great.
And it's a great explanation which i needed actually.
Thanks for it.

thanks for appreciating :)