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Not the best upload but i gave it a try with ROE.. Very interesting and cool update they released. Broke the game for a good day or two with seemingly broken gabbling hook.

This video was uploaded via check it out! Still working on improving dtube network. Figured out issue with uploader (Finally, caused by cloudflare being a pain, and uploader not being cooperative). I want to include steem keychain integration into the site to replace steemconnect, Integrated IPFS node, Fix trending tags, use alternative to asksteem, permanente backend for video storage. And much more! Leave any suggestions in comments if you have any!

Desktop and mobile apps may also be a possibility. Future post on full road map and announcement for dtube network stay tuned! // #community-dev -

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the video is not play , it's keep loading

Yeah, its an experimental sort of upload... Mainly due to lag on the gateway. I am working on a solution that will use a better (direct) gateway for video play back. Although the changes will only be seen on Try 240p i think that one is cached.

whats your problems
why are u unvote my all vedio

Most likely stolen content and advertising in unauthorized areas on discord.

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Nope it's mine. I can send you the raw video if you like 😉

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I hope you realize that I could blacklist you off dtube network... But I won't do that because I am nice 😁

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