Beach Video Compilation

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Beach Wednesday is 11 months old now

Thanks again to @lizanomadsoul for taking over curation of Beach Wednesday I launched 11 months ago. Here a video compilation of my favourite beaches around the world. Glad the tag is still frequently used. Have a wonderful day - I am soon again live at a beach near you maybe. Please join us and contribute by using the BeachWednesday tag.

Beaches cover several countries

No need to guess them as you will not get monetary rewards anyway lol - ths is not a contest but something I hope all can have fun with to engage with like-minded people - light entertainment if you might say so.

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Ich freue mich beim Betrachten der Bilder auf ein reales
Stranderlebnis. ;-)

ich auch, hoffentlich bald

Beach Wednesday is a wonderful initiative that I have enjoyed a lot, for which I thank you for creating it, and that @lidzanomadsoul continues its healing. I live on an island and I love participating with photographs from here or from the trips I made. I hope this tag stays for much longer. Success. Best regards.

Schöne Bilder wünsche dir ein schönes Osterfest .

Dito - wünsch Dir viele und große Eier :-)

Da haben Sie recht! Sehr gute Bilder!
Ihnen auch einen schönes Ostern!

Sehr schöne Bilder und die Musik macht auch noch gute Laune!

always loved beach and walking side ways, fishing on weekends

thats amazing 11 months before i didnt even know about steemit.

Where is this ?