Explore Waterfall in Kuta Malaka, Aceh [Dtube]

in #dtube4 years ago

I see the beauty of waterfall kuta malaka is very good let alone turkequn water remote in aceh big, it makes me interesting come there nature is still fresh.

To get into this waterfall Kuta Malaka we have to enter again into the forest about 250 meters more. we also have to continue the journey on foot through approximately 420 steps that are provided for easy travel. On the left and right side will look some shady trees that will make the air feel very cool. we will also be accompanied by the melodious sound of wild birds and crickets that seem to welcome the visitors.

The flow of waterfall in kuta malaka is derived from mountain springs so as to produce water so clear and cold. So clear that the water produced makes the bottom of the lake under the waterfall is seen so clearly from the surface and emit a color that will look greenish.

Do you like the waterfall, of course you will love it. thanks

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