Txmek Official Video Song - Steemit & DTube

in dtube •  3 months ago 

Welcome people I want to show you my song It's about Steemit, DTube and motivation. I've been working straight 4 hours to make this song work. I hope u will enjoy it!

yo i started on steem in June 2018
i was no one
I had the dream to be the king
I was powering everything
you can't give up its like gym training
good decision making
Fuck you liers im not gonna fake it
i just wanna make it
Holing my stake in steem power baby
im not fucking lazy
doing my work so im getting rewards daily
you saying im fading
haters gonna hate goingh through my mental gate
preparing my next step
on camera biceps flex
dtube video is the best

Programs used:
Mix-mastering: Reaper
Video Cover: Sony Vegas 15 Pro

Peace & Love

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Hahaha unexpected and great song! #hodl #steem

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haha :D I'm glad u like it probably its my best song I ever did LOl

Haha keep it going, maybe u r the new crypto rapper xD

Posted using Partiko Android

Uhuhu :) Rap God :)