Game Review-XBOX1 World of Tanks.With T49

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Hey Steemace.
This game is getting pretty old, but stays current with constant updates. Its like FPS but on wheels and has alot of aspects to the game play the give it a long game life. Its team based entirely multiplayer with a few token single player missions to help learn. It is rather accurate and its also obviously has some stuff altered to make it more fun than actual tank warfare. 15 min timed rounds of 15v15 capture the flag or team destruction(kill everyone). This game was a tier10 game so this is the best tanks out there. I am in a Tier 9 american Light-Tank the T49, its very light fast and has a large none-bore cannon so it fires high explosive rounds that travel slowly but do large amounts of damage.

World of tanks has several variety of Tanks, LT(light-tank) are scouts and fast light armoured. MT(medium-tank)as you can imagine these are mid range, HT(heavy-tanks) have huge cannons and heavy armour, TD(Tank-Destroyer), RT(Artillery). The teams usually are pretty evenly distributed. Even though the game is getting a bit old, the player pool is still huge so waiting for a games doesn't happen. Its also free, well freemium you can pay for goldtime but I am yet to buy any premium tanks or anything and have accumulated alot of tierX and even free premium tanks(that usualy cost $). So if you havnt already, come checkout world of tanks this is the Xbox1 variety but its available on PC(steam) and Playstation.
Thanks @twigg

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