"Peace, Love, and Screw the Government" - Liberty Lifestyle Episode 006 featuring Adam Kokesh

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Welcome to the sixth episode of the Liberty Lifestyle Podcast.

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In this episode Tyler sits down with Adam Kokesh of TheFreedomLine.com. Adam tells us about his journey up to this point. Including his experience of serving in the Iraq war and his profound realizations since that time.

Tyler and Adam then discuss what he is working on now. This includes Adams campaign for "Not President" in 2020, the Taxation Is Theft tour, and solutions toward Decentralization and Localizing systems of government that do not serve us by altering and/or abolishing these systems.

Although we support all efforts to decentralize and localize, including grassroots and bottom up efforts, we also support Adams interesting approach and what he feels is a very powerful way to get the message of Liberty to more people.

I'm just starting to archive things on DTube. I really like this project and hope that it succeeds.

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"Giving Truth the Liberty of appearing."

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