FireBall - Juggling Experiment

in #dtube2 years ago

Hey my fellow steemians! It's been a very long time since I didn't post anything. I have been really busy lately in my life, but I will come back soon with a lot of new content!

Here is just a little preview of one of my editing experiment. I hope you'll enjoy these few seconds.

Have a nice weekend my friends!

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hahaha!! FIRE!
Nice to see you back on Steemit man!!
Where you been???! :)

Hey Acromott, yeah I'm happy to be back too!

I was really busy, you know... Life and its hazards. ;)

Excellent lil fire clip brotha.

Thank you my friend!

Great to see you juggling again! I like the fire effect. Nice background too!

Glad you like it my dear Otage. :) Thank you

damn this looks crazy bro woooow

Merci vieux schlag. ^^

Very nice to see you after a long time, hope you recovered and feeling well now. Bring me the firee! :)
Can't wait to see more, steem on buddy!

Yes I'm starting to feel better. ;) Thank you!

Nice edit, and skillz, as always :)

And great to have you back ;)

Thank you Shaka! <3

Mad skills man!!

Thank you my man!

Good to see you back posting bro, looking forward to your funky upcoming material!!

Thank you Steen. ;-)

me alegra mucho verte de vuelta, disculpa que no te responda a tiempo es que no estoy en la computadora muy seguido.

¡Gracias, me hace feliz verte allí también! No se preocupe, tampoco estoy a menudo en la computadora. ;)

te quedo muy bien el vídeo, excelente como siempre! bendiciones...: )