Dtube: My Reversed Monkey Tricks

in dtube •  2 years ago  (edited)

This is the compilation I made for you, the Steemit community, back in August! I first uploaded it on Youtube, but decided to put it on Dtube, as it pays tribute to Steemit !

Click one of these two links to watch the video

▶️ DTube

Enjoy. <3

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Esooo amigo, que bien lo haces, Te felicito, hombre atlético y con mucho talento. Dios te bendiga troilo.

Qué placer recibir uno de sus buenos comentarios. ¡Gracias! ¡Me pone caliente en mi corazón!

No es nada para lo que mereces, eres bueno en lo que haces, y también eres uno de mis fieles seguidores, saludos a tu familia aunque no los conozco, espero puedas hacer un post de tu familia. Saluds...

My favorite monkey... you are the best!

My Favorite Otage... <3

Ha ha!

The video on it's on (without being reversed) is pretty cool but putting it in reverse makes the video even more cool interesting. I like your concept.

Thank you Isharmaine! :-)

What talent! Accomplished artist acrobat, juggler, painter music! I love your video in reverse very original! See you soon

Merci beaucoup! :-) A bientôt!

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Hooola amigo, espero estés bien, se te extraña!

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