You're late in your Dreams - Midnight Improvisation

in dtube •  2 years ago  (edited)

A sweet night to you my friends,

Here is a "quick" sped up jam I created tonight.

It's referring to the feeling I get when I'm running after my dreams, or in my dreams. This feeling that you're so close to reach something important, but it just goes too fast for you, so you never get it. This feeling that you're going to finally arrive to this aimed place, but you end up somewhere else. Then, you feel lost`, or just in the right place, bad, or good, relaxed, or stressed. In a hurry? Do I want to leave? Go somewhere else? Do I feel good? Do I need something? Absurdity? Stability? This feeling...

A random thought.

I think that...

Life is music. Music is Love. Love is the dream. But a dream can be scary. Love as well.

But if you're not too scared...

Make your life a dream, and your dreams a reality.

I love you all, beautiful living beings.

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Wow!!! You’re so talented... I loved this: “Life is music. Music is Love. Love is the dream. But a dream can be scary. Love as well.“ Glad I found you!

Thank you Naturald, really glad you enjoyed. :)

Sounds great man!

Thank you Drewley. ;)

I love the energy man!

Thank you. ;)

:) I always smile when I see a post from you! Love what you do for the rest of us through your music, positive messages and many other talents. Your note to us all out here somewhere on the mudball was the icing on the cake. To you as well I wish a sweet night my friend. Take care and be well brother!

Awww, thank you StillWater. Your words go directly to my hearth.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We love you too!

And your music. I like the black and white video and the speed up really does make it feel dream like along with the live loops you are grooving to! So cool and great to have you back... no pressure.

<3 Your comments always warm my hearth.

Awesome to see you back in action, steem on buddy! :)

Hey Thank you Warrkin!

Your words touched my heart. No doubt you have a beautiful gift!

Thanks a lot Lubelb! :)

Awesome your guitar music.
Great your music skill

Thank you. ;)

You are welcome dear:-)

Great to have you back !
Resteemed ;)

Psychedelic ! Good night bro

Are you a singer?

I love this music

@troilo very good your post..
Salam fatany

I really like the music you play 👍🏻👍🏻

Hey thanks!

you are really innovative man.👍☺