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Here is a tune that I first heard in 2011, and learned by ear a few weeks ago. The original one was composed by Erick Turnbull. I changed some parts in it, and added some of my own touch.

I often feel lonely in my life, but with my guitar, never. Music is my drug.

Pure happiness, raw, native, volcanic! It feels better than anything, better than drugs, better than heroin, better than dope, coke, crack, ganja, Peyotl, blotter, LSD, ecstasy. Better than sex, better than fellatio, sixty-nine, orgy, masturbation, tantrism, kama-sutra, thai wheelbarrow. Better than Nutella with peanut butter and banana milkshake. Better than all George Lucas trilogies. Better than Shakira's hipster, Marilyn, Smurfette, Lara Croft, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford's beauty. Better than Armstrong's small step on the moon. Better than Space-Mountain, Santa Claus round, Bill Gates fortune, Dalai Lama trances, NDE, Lazarus resurrection, collagen in Pamela Anderson's lips. Better than Woodstock and the most orgasmic rave parties. Better than freedom. Better than life ...

Yeah, maybe I went too far.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy!

(I should buy a good mic soon, I realize the sound quality could be better...)

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Here is a youtube version if you have some troubles with Dtube:


Hello my bother! So good to see you my friend and that excellent guitar! My 3 year old and I are in the kitchen cooking brunch listening to you play! She likes it as she's standing in the chair somewhat dancing to the tune! Very nice. It was a good time and memory for me as well! Yeah, I remember some of those moments you named and although those chapters are closed in my life at this point the memories of them are as real as if I were there again. Funny thing about the human mind right? I don't believe in my heart that you are down but if so I wish you a smile upon your face and an afternoon of bliss! See you soon brother and thank you for that special moment you've given me today with my lil' one.

Hey brother! It's always an enormous pleasure to read one of your wonderful comment. I'm so happy to hear that your little 3 year old liked my performance!
I totally agree with you, it's funny how our mind can act about some closed chapters of our lives, but it's often more positive than anything else if you think about it the right way. Always something to learn about our past experiences!

Thanks a lot! <3

hello dear. great play dude. I am really impressed. my daugher and wife are also impressed. keep it up.

Thank you :-)

jo dude! You are an awesome person! So many talents and you are spreding good vibes!
Never stop your creative kind of human being, please :) With please i will follow you here.

Steem on!

Thanks a lot my friend, your kind comment goes directly to my heart!

Good to see you friend, but I'm surprised you've tried all that ...? hahaha, very good comment on music, and as always you are excellent at what you do. God bless you. and thanks for not forgetting me. I am very grateful. Hugs!

Hey Karlin, nice to see you around. Haha, no, I didn't try all of these, don't worry. (But most of them)

Thank you, I will not forget you!

Thank you troilo. Abrazos!

Great jam... I love the rhythm and the interplay of the highs and lows with your signature ending... haha! Your rant about your need for music is epic! I'm really happy to see you here today!

Thank you my brother! I always try to put some of my own touch. :-)

I really appreciate to see you around.

Great post. What kind of guitar is that? I've always been interested in picking up an Acoustic guitar because there are some songs that I wanted to learn. Right now I only play electric guitar. I have some some covers on my channel if you were interested.

Hey! It's an Epiphone Jumbo. I customized it myself. ;-)

You should try acoustic guitar too, you can take and play it everywhere you want, and you don't need electricity. I just checked your blog, and I really enjoyed your cover of Crazy Train! Keep it up! (And I left you my modest upvote!)


Your ending is better than in original version.

Thank you, I'm honored! :)

Earn steem and buy a good camera for HD videos!Cheer up!

Haha, yes I will try! I already have an HD camera, but the quality is still low. (and I don't know why, I can't upload more than 480p on Dtube, but 1080p on youtube.)

really? I also got the error when I tried to upload a High quality video. I was confused and thought that it's other problems.

Thanks for sharing, it sounds so good :)

Good stuff brother!

I feel your pain. Music is like a good drug to me too. Guitar are a nice soother to me. I've never played, but it's nice to watch and hear them being played. Keep up the good work! I subbed.

Holy freaking wow! And thank you. ; )

real talent bro! keep it coming

Great guitar playing! and really cool looking epiphone

I like how you play your harmonic sound.

So cool the way you strum the guitar ! thanks for the share <3

fucking nice man! i was thinking of throwing up some vids of me playing too... but i gotta order some picks first. unknowingly used my last good one to open a lady's laptop. lol. guitar picks are the best for that shit. "spudger". pffft...

Awesome! Nice guitar too 👍🏻 keep up the good work!

Saludos amigo, Gracias!!!

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Hi troilo
Great playing thanks for sharing with me.
Thanks for upvoting my mountain post and have nice day.