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Very nice spending time with the family. That is the most valuable asset!

Love You Buddy



You are very funny.Thats mean your feed is funny.
I follow you from some days .i like your feed very much.
Go ahead.keep it u @trevonjb

its really good to see youa sweet and so cute baby and also she is really beautifull and pretty look,,she is your wife trevon?
also in home the all family is look good and happy hope you enjoy with your family and be happy with her always @trevonjb nice to see you on dtube.
wish you many happines in your life and a good succes


Yes this is my wife. Thanks for all the wishes!


God bless your baby and your family mate!


God bless Trevon! Much love and success, good health and true wealth! HODL! Peace out!


congratulations @trevonjb i like your youtube video keep the good content coming.

😂 I love that !!!!

I keep replaying his sound GEH!!! GEH!!!

Congrats again fam..enjoy the babies now while they're young because i missed out on my sons 3rd bday when i joined the army an the 1st year of my daughters life when i deployed..enjoy every moment bc its sucks missing out on even the little thing. keep up the great work .

ayyyyy, she's adorable!

Tre, do me a solid and upvote my latest undervoted post would ya please? :p

#Congratulations on the arrival of your #newborn, Trevon. Wishing you and your #family all the best


Thanks boss

AWW Baby TJ!! we've gotta mini Trevon James, I guess they make em in fun sizes now.

Trevon, is it possible to earn steemit tokens/coins when people upvote for you or u will earn Steemit power /.dollar only?


you earn both at the same time


Awesome thanks for the reply man! Are you gonna make a full tut and explaination of steem it is kinda hard to understand kinda complicated 😭


Btw the number beside your name is for?


number in parenthesis next to name is reputation

Awwww Trevon they are absolutely precious. I guess it's no wonder you haven't been around, pregnancy time is busy time ;D Nice to see you back on here -- you are basically the main reason I finally made an account and started blogging here on Steemit :) Take care, congratulations, I hope your wife is doing well, too! Now, try to get some rest.... lol, it's much harder sometimes with 2 little ones, but is so worth it <3

Congratulations Tre!!! That is beautiful. Children are the future. Everything we doing now is for them.

Bro i really respect you posting on Dtube and trying to build up the community


those kids are cute btw god bless


Thanks. Glad to be back

little Trev was cool as his dad - not going to be jumping and screaming mommy on camera lol

Congratulations! It doesn`t get any better than that..wishing you and your family all the best things in life.

Damn they are adorable!

Keep posting and so make this community bigger!

Love your stuff man!

And again 😍😍😍😍😍

Congrats Trevon, she's a beauty! Wishing you & your fam the best!

Hey Just got into this steem thing quite amazing! now how to earn steem?


You just did :)


Same here man wanna know how to earn steem.. Have been watching your posts on YouTube.. Just heard of dtube..


I would be glad if you can be my mentor here on steem..


Thank you Trevon. So all I need to do is post and upvote?

great video man hey trevon tron is now 10cents so is it good time to buy more coin or will it be good time to buy ripple


It's up to you. I sold tron and almost everything else for steem today. I can't focus on all these speculations.

Congratulations , I think I may be back to steemit because of you :)

No matter where you are, home is always the best place. Home is where the heart and love ones stays. Happy home coming, wish you to have that love and warm in that home brings

this is really great tre! Thanks for sharing real life with your followers man!

Nice family you got there. I just want to say thanks man i've watched your youtube vids to help me out understanding SteemIt .I wish you all the best .

Love the fact that there is no bots on here disliking crypto videos

Your wife is soo beautiful...
Cute kids.
I saw your post on instagram when u shared the picture of your new kid.


Thank you so much


You're welcome.

Wow.. Congratulations! enjoy and cherish it because baby they grow very quick ! :)

niiiiiiiiiice, I will subscribe here too. nice video. I want to hear you speak more of Steemit

Thanks Trevon, you're changed my life with your very informative videos... I am making money! Thanks for Bitconnect, Genesis Mining and more. By the way, Bitconnect have been good to me... I am out of poverty thanks to you. I love you bro! God bless. hermyIMG_0510.JPG


Thanks, bro.

long time man, still appreciate you for the first you-tube video of yours which i watched it was helpful and i kinda fell in love with you hashtag #upvoteforupvote

welcome home

congrats Daddy Tre!!! family is one of the best things a man could ask for. and you seem great at it.. salute bro.. and keep dropping those crypto gems! bless up

You're like the Pewdipie of Dtube...
ps. beautiful family you get there :)

Love all these DTube videos had no idea about this platform until I saw one of your videos and also congratulations!

yo you could tell she got her eyes from you already lol

Glad you got back man, it is probably tiring having that new baby in your life brother! Keep up with that crypto!

congratulations and wish you all the best buddy

@trevonjb welcome back dude! I really like your stuff! I've been following you since you got only a few thousand of followers... It's really good to see you here! I admire all u've achieved! Greetings from Spain bro!

Welcome home!

Good to see you back bro. Looking forward to the next installment ☺️

Awesome video! Really glad youre posting again on steemit!!!

congratulations buddy it's really good that you have a sweet daughter hope you teach her to be as great youtouber as you enjoy

thats what's up bro. take your mind off the crypto and enjoy family.

cool video. just moved over from youtube and started following you. keep up the great content!


You have adorable son!! <3 Pure angel!!

What a beautiful family you have. Wishing your family the best!

Congratulations on your Beautiful daughter Zoe! I love that name!

welcome to your home baby..congratulations ...

Hope you learn your son to be the same crypto god as you :P hah He is adorable !

Trev I really respect you. Keep up the good work you are doing.
God bless you

Re-Welcome @trevonjb it is been a long time !! Steemit community missed you 🙏❤🔝🚀💥😎

This is awesome! Congratulations on the new addition to the fam!

(Did you get your apple watch?)


LOL yea

Congratulations brother! Are we popping that BTC?

@trevonjb Thank You for coming back over to STEEMIT. Congrats on your new baby too. Crypto is more FUN because you live it everyday.............

Hey you're back

Great To See You Again mate

Home is where your Crypto is... ;)

Can you be my dad for just a day ?
If yes , just ride me the way you pushed your last baby from the car till you saw your son while your wife was making sure the car was locked !!!!
Awnnnnmmmmm this family tho 😘

You're killing it on Steemit, Tre!

congrats Daddy Tre!!! family is one of the best things a man could ask for. and you seem great at it.. salute bro.. and keep dropping those crypto gems! bless up

Just bought 100 k.

Thank you for all the information that is presented in your video always make a creative, but unfortunately I was one of those who came to share with you in the lottery

congrat Daddy Tre... family is one of the best things a man could ask for! you seem great at it... Salute bro and keep dropping those Crypto gems. bless

whats up this is trevon james counting these intangible coins that you cant touch or smell CONGRATS!!! to your family and your success

Looking forward to your next video ! Thanks for showing Steem on your video !

Congrats on the new Baby!

Congratulations sweet and happy family.....looking so pretty .

Great To See You Again As Expected.

Crypto is important. Work is important. Other junk is important. But family is what its all about. I wish you and your family a very prosperous life. It’s great to see a family man out there

Congratulations! Wishing you and your #family all the best!

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You are the reason that I joined SteemIt!!!

Nice to see u again bro, Congratulations for the new family member
Keep up the good work, we are waiting for next

Hey JB, my house looks like yours :). When are you planning on moving? thanks for all the motivation throughout the week.

This is probably the first time I got a glimpse at your car haha!! Cool Car!!

Ayyy just got here from ur youtube video! Nice to see everything going well for you :D Best wishes for ya'll

Congratulations Tre!!! That is beautiful. Children are the future.

Congratulations! Thank you for your awesome videos you make.

congrats man!

Good luck with the kiddo! :)

Great vibes, feels like a great family.

home home sweet home! Wellcome.

You are a role model to me TRE. Been your follower from day 1. Your journey inspires me to work harder.
Congrats to you.

had to come over after watching your last youtube video.

Nice i found you bro

Must of been stressful losing all that bitcoin

enjoy your success with your fam! congrats TJ!

Congrats on the landing of your #newborn, Trevon. Wanting you and your #family to enjoy all that life has to offer

Aww baby junior trveon looked so adorable sleeping!! Thank you @trveonjb for sharing about your life and advices in crypto! I watch your videos on youtube and now I am following you on DTUBE! :D

good luck :)

DAM it that just about made me CRY!! HOW CUTE! God Bless

Tre continue to take care of your family!

Is it me who's getting the buffering or its just my network strength 😥

These are the things I was missing at Youtube, its now time to rock ✌

Congratulations on the new baby

i think you sold all your altcoins for new house

I respect the grind man enjoy your blessings keep it up

OMG!!!! She is soooooooooo sweet and such a cutie pie!!!!! That's what all the grind is about...Such a blessing....