Investing in Steemit / DSLR Camera w/Steemit first payout, ALL IN ON STEEMIT !!

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Hello Steemit/Dtube, Todd Smith Music Vlog #6

I need to thank everyone for all the support my first week on Steemit, it's been amazing . I took out my first payment of Steem Dollars to buy a new DSLR camera. I might of took the money out of Steemit but I'm investing back into Steemit with better content, all thanks to Steemit !

I should already have enough Steem Dollars withdrawn to buy the DSLR, now I want to invest in Steemit. I'm saving up all my Steem Power from content and plan to add Steem Dollars into my Steem Power very soon. I really want to help grow this platform and economy. I feel it's the future of content creation and blockchain.

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So good that this has worked out for you @toddjsmith1979, keep up the work =)

Thank you ! The holidays slowed my down a bit, family stuff. Family time is worth it tho, about to jump back in head first. 🙃

Step up in the game! Quality wise, smart choice! Rock on!

Hell yea bro !l Glad you enjoyed the video. DSLR will step up the game good. 🤘

That is a very great plan. Me too is planning to invest very soon and buy dslr. Break a leg and welcome!

DSLR will step up my video a lot, I imagine yours too. They are powefull tools. ✌️

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congrats buddy!! That's aweome !

Thakn you my friend ! Very happy day . ✌️

Congrats Todd! You're really taking off here! Looking forward for more of your videos.

I’m loving Steemit . You Tube honestly feels like high school click club compared to Steemit. If you notice, gear channnels like dawless/Bo are the types of gear channels that take off . The issue is they all pretty much feel the same because you tube is so big you need to do these “ proven tactics” in order to climb the charts in most cases, which makes everyone feel the same or a “ you tuber”. Steemit allows a lot more freedoom because you don’t need 20k views every video just to have the micro possibilities to make a dollar.

Yeah I totally agree with you. For starters like me, YouTube feels so cold and unfriendly. Also, like you said, if you don't invest a ton of money to review the latest gear, there's only so much you can gain there. It feels much more honest here on Steemit as your content is rewarded instead.