Me playing one of the best known piano Sonatas from Mozart (part 1)/K333 in B flat major

in dtube •  11 months ago

Hi Steemians!
Today I present the first movement (Allegro) of one of the most beautiful piano Sonatas of Mozart:
The K333 in B flat Major.
Mozart for ever...
I hope you like it, and please:
Enjoy the music...

Hola Steemians!
Hoy presento el Primer Movimiento (Allegro) de una de las más bellas Sonatas para piano de Mozart:
la K333 en Si bemol mayor.
Por siempre, Mozart...
Espero que os guste, y por favor:
Disfrutad la música...

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Hi @titin,

Thank you for posting this performance video. I enjoyed listening to it. Technically, the recording contained high quality audio and video production, and of course the piano playing was most impressive!

We shared this link on the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page and included it in our latest roundup post.

buena música sigue así éxito,saludos desde Guarico,Venezuela


Seguiré! Gracias @darthnightog

This is a very well done performance. I think my piano teacher played the first movement of this sonata for me when we were discussing Sonata allegro form, specifically how Mozart loved to use new melodies in 1 theme. My piano teacher said that Mozart almost can't help but create multiple themes. I enjoyed this very much, the video was quite nice!


Thank you @cmp2020! I agree. I always discover new things in each performance!