J.Brahms-Capriccio No.2, op 76 / Tito García González (piano)

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Hello everybody,

I am very proud to tell you that I am going to publish my next album on this d-tube platform.
Due to the great crisis of the record market, I believe that it is a great opportunity for musicians to publish their work through blockchain technology.
My next album is entitled "Puppet Circus" whose content are several pieces of piano solo composed by me. "Puppet circus" is a suite inspired by puppets that come alive thanks to the skill of our hands.

Besides, I think it's also important to record some piece of the great universal composers. And for that reason the first track of the album is this piece "Capriccio nº 2, op.76", which I learned a long time ago, composed by the great romantic composer Johannes Brahms. The next piece that I will upload "A la memoria de Brahms" (to the memory of Brahms) is inspired in this "Capriccio" and composed by me.
The rest is all mine, composed from my own original melodies.
New music for future times...
I hope you like it!
And please, enjoy now this "Capriccio No.2, op.76 in F sharp minor" from Johannes Brahms.

Hola a todos,
Estoy muy orgulloso de comuicaros que publicaré mi próximo álbum en esta plataforma de d-tube.
Debido a la gran crisis del mercado discográfico, creo que es una gran oportunidad para que los músicos publiquen su trabajo a través de la tecnología blockchain.
Mi próximo álbum se titula "Puppet Circus" (El Circo de Marionetas), cuyo contenido son varias piezas de piano solo compuestas por mí. "Puppet Circus" es una suite inspirada en las Marionetas que cobran vida gracias a la habilidad de nuestras manos.

Además, creo que también es importante grabar alguna pieza de los grandes compositores universales, y por eso la primera pista del álbum es esta pieza "Capriccio nº 2, op.76", que aprendí hace mucho tiempo, compuesta por el gran compositor romántico Johannes Brahms. La siguiente pieza que subiré es "A la memoria de Brahms" (a la memoria de Brahms) inspirada en este "Capriccio" y compuesta por mí.
El resto es todo mío, compuesto de mis propias melodías originales
Nueva música para el futuro ...
¡Espero que te guste!
Y por favor, disfrutad ahora de este "Capriccio nº 2 op.76 en Fa sostenido menor" de Johannes Brahms.

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Hi @titin,

Thank you for this post. I enjoyed listening to your recording of @brahms Capriccio No. 2, and I am really looking forward to your DTube album release. What a cool concept!

I also wanted to note that this post was selected for sharing on the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page, and included in our Roundup Issue #24.

Lastly, I'm not sure if you're aware of the new classical-music discord group, but feel free to come join us. The invitation is in the roundup post, and also here - https://discord.gg/ppVmmgt.

Greetings @titin

You've been invited to the iTalnet contest/initiative

If you wish to enroll the contest, the auditions started today 1'st of March and will last until 5'th of March read more in the link below, the contest has a new voting system where artists/performers vote between themselves (no judges / no upvote count / no nominatios) only contestants vote counts.

Please read the rules of the contest prior to enrollment, thank you

excellent friend people like you are an example to follow I hope you achieve your goals and that your album is very useful

Thank you!

Te deseo mucha suerte.
PD: Muchas gracias por votar mi post de las señales del Camino de Santiago. Gracias, aprecio que te guste.

You have a wonderful talent and yes, blockchain may indeed be the way to publish.

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