My cats do tricks! Pure fluffy cuteness :D

in dtube •  5 months ago 

I've taught my cats to do a few tricks. Clever little angels! Chili does his best one at the end of the phone video but not as well as he can. I'll have to make more cat trick videos ;D

I was able to train Chili (the ginger ninja) quite easily because he loves treats and making his mummy happy ;) but when Pepper (black panther) came along it became harder as they distract each other. So Peppy can only do two tricks whereas Chili can do three. My goal was to teach them to jump up on my arm and to sit around my shoulders. Fat chance!! We didn't get close but I still think they are impressive little fluffs xx :D

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So yes, cats can be taught to do tricks! You just have to be patient and have the right rewards handy. Very sweet clip of your cats.


Thank you :) Yes, lots of people think you can't train them but my ginger fluff was actually really easy and fun to train. But you are quite correct, if the treats aren't right, the trick isn't happening hahaha ;D