voting like a lazy couch potato

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Hey my friend!

This is just a quick reminder for all European people that we all should vote for our favourite party. We got just one vote so we should definitely use it!
And if you are a lazy person like me, you can arrange a distant voting via mail :)

Thanks for watching!


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Bin eigentlich immer mit Briefwahl dabei. Gar nicht weil ich besonders faul bin (was ich definitiv bin).
Meistens ist das an einem Sonntag an dem ich viel lieber ausschlafe und den Tag genießen will.

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Gute Entscheidung :D Sonntage sind nicht dazu da, irgendeine delegierte Aufgabe auszuführen ^^

Sure. We all must vote so other people tell us what we must do with our own lifes.

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yeah :) Voting is power itself :)

Worthless and wasted power

Hm? I don't understand the context ^^ I think you mean "selfvoting is wasted power" right? Then I will agree you :)

I was talking about any real world elections. This Sunday we will hold one in many European countries. That kind of voting. Not the ones on Steem

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But that's not worthless :)

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Yes. It is. They will do what they want once elected. See what happened on the UK with Brexit, or here in Catalonia with the Independence Referendum on 2017.

You never have the warranty that they will do what they promised -and they have never done it-. Socialdemocrats -which are including center and right-wing parties- will say "sure, that's how Democracy works; next time vote to another party which will keep their promises" and the circle then keeps rolling.

The seat. That's what they want. Oh! Yeah! Maybe the confortable seat on the picture of the post xDDD

This is how it works:

  • What's what we want?
  • To get a seat on the European Institutions
  • What we need to achieve?
  • People to elect us by voting
  • Ok, let's give more people the "right" to vote for us. Then we will get that seat. For a few years.

Nobody has the "right to vote". They need you to have that right. The same way you -or me- need Steemians to be able to upvote. It is not a Right, but a Need.