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lol I'm stupid lol

Ironically I hopped on the train of "success videos" just after I made a video on my 2nd channel criticizing that but yolo. I guess I just really have two personalities.

Have fun you freaks!
btw: If you are wondering what I am talking about with "DTUBE" then follow this link and check out a cool decentralized youtube alternative!

The video I am talking about: https://d.tube/v/iamnormanfischer/jpgYH2MsD90

And of course check also my other DTube channel:

Feel free to follow me on Instagram:

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That's some really helpful tips I think. I started dtubing for a few days and I really feel the need for engagement with different communities.
Thanks for the success tips! :)

Thanks for your comment :) I am glad you liked the tips and the video! Feel free to ask me anything if you have any further questions dear @rem-steem!


Oh! I surely will. I'm watching and trying to learn from everyone.

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Very important and useful tips for dtubers specially it's really confusing sometimes to find out which videos are original or not.. Thank you for sharing this topic with us because it was really needed to spread out these words...

Thanks for your kind comment and for sharing your thoughts. I think we can give some good tips and support to new dtubers and steemians in general if we pick the not so obvious ones :)


This is quite useful. I plan to start uploading videos to D.tube. I do not really upload anything to YouTube besides simple things for some of my online groups.

Just made my gaming video. (Not very good) Working on editing, and will be posting after.

I am excited for your videos mate!

Hey I am glad that you found the same humor in the irony of hopping on the Dtube/Steem train. I thought that was pretty funny lol. I really do enjoy your vids because you put so much of "you" in them. Keep up the good work. Some of my favorite vids that I have done were collabs with @dswigle. I will have to try and twist her arm again to do some more :)

Hehe thanks for your comment man :) I try to bring as much "me" in my videos as possible. But for this kind of topic this is not thaaaaat easy so I am happy that something got into it obviously :D Can you provide any link to your colab video ?! Exciting :D


Sorry I missed this reply! Glad I saw it now. Better late than never right lol.

Sure I have a playlist on my YouTube. @dswigle and I were probably the only two laughing, but we enjoyed making them lol. She is a natural on the mic, just a bit camera shy :)


i am me. i wrote this comment. this is my proof.

Haha yeah I think you proofed yourself many times bro :D



Thanks for tips, as newbie in steemit comminty I need those tips

Cool thank you for your encouraging comment! GHald you liked the video :)

Helloooo! A big "thank you" for using our service and for helping to increase the value of DIY Token by burning them to null. Feel free to get in touch with us via discord if you have any questions.

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Bro, thanks for your video. Actually, DTube was my inspiration to have my first video on YouTube because I've never created videos before lol... I still have a lot to learn, like putting song on the video background and more things haha... btw what's your favorite software for video editing? Thank you!

Awesome news man! Dtube helped me so much in improving my skills - it is an awesome playground for all of us thihi
My favorite editing software is davinci resolve 16 (free) for pc and kinemaster (paid subscription fro removing the watermark) for android. Feel free to ask more about them if you are interested ;)

Glad you enjoyed the video and advices man :)


@tibfox, a nice video! Thank you for sharing these advises with us!

Thanks for watching bro :) Will do another like this in future because of the awesome reactions :)


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