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The last days were really exciting regarding the curation service @diytube.

Through we now have the possibility to reward our curators with DIY Tokens, you can trade there soon!

Also I am talking about the recent change of the payout of our delegators, the basics of this service and a possibility for you to **promote your content via the tag #diytube!

If you have any questions or suggestions about this video or the service itself, feel free to comment or contact me on any of the following ways:


Thanks a lot for your time

... to watch the video and for sharing your thoughts and feedback in the comments. I appreciate every single interaction with me over the

  • comments,
  • resteeming,
  • upvoting and
  • mentioning people in the comments who could be interested in my post.

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I might have to find something to DIY :)
Good to see things coming together and thank you for walking us through :D


Hey everyone is doing DIY things: cooking, doodling, music, steeming, video making and so on ^^ that all is counting as DIY :)

No question, thank YOU


Thanks for your quick comment :) that's a really good sign!

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Thanks to @jozef230 for the resteem :D

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