DrugWars Steemit Dapp Update!!!

in dtube •  12 days ago

Tonight's video I go into my "Prey On The Weak" DrugWars Strategy to continue advancing my daily Steem payouts and my continued journey on building my Drug Lord Empire!

Start Your DrugWars Empire Tonight! Good Luck N Have Fun! =]

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Is it possible that raiding the stagnant bases will also fizzle out as an option and you'll be left trying to find more ways to get your payouts back up? for a game that just took off, the numbers aren't lying. Themarkymark had a good post about how the math is somewhat ponzi in structure, in that money needs to keep flowing in for it to keep running (give or take a few words).

I haven't seen the gameplay, but do attacks show the other person's base/setup in a map, or it's all similar to the display you were toggling through with your own setup?

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