The Winners Attitude

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Invest in your investments.

Just do it. - Inspired by Art Williams
Things anyone can do to help their investments.
Gotta get excited.
anyone can be a lead
Take a line from Art Williams "people won't follow a negative, frustrated cry baby. "
heart it was it takes.
People want people who are positive and enthusiastic. It cost nothing to be this.

Gotta share a dream.
Allergic to "dream squashers."
have a stand for something - people tired of fence sitters don't be afraid to Speak your mind be controversial or average.

Burn the boats.
When a commander landing in enemy territory burned the boats.
Total commitment, give you that inch of courage that makes the difference. In fight and know you can't run you will fight harder because of it, every inch.

Be doctor like. (devs)
Doc doesn't cheer on saying how badass he is going to fix you. The doc gets to work; there may be pain or discomfort, the doc continues until the job is done.

Connections; treat people with kindness.
desire and a will to win is everything

Kill it here
Google is titanic and steem life raf.
Let's say google big corps go down at least we have blockchains. The chain will be downloaded on someone's computer somewhere.

▶️ DTube

We Only Live Once (WOLO)

So better do it really and make some changes in our lives because we are under time pressure and time is not in our side, we only have a little of it so it is wise to cease time, cease the day. @theycallmedan

This applies for all things in life if we want to succeed as all of our experiences and to learn and adapt as we nove forward towards our dreams and objectives. If we quit without trying, then we are unworthy of it as well. The rafts are out there but when the boat sinks you need to swim to them and not expect them to come to you.

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Bustin' Out That Old School Art Williams! HAHA

One of my fav speechs of all time.

Agreed! 🙌🏼

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Awesome, I'm really going to be his fan
I like the speech

I can listen to this all day on repeat 😅

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Great thoughts and talk Brother @theycallmedan. I Love your positive mindset and your inner strength you possess.

Having the right mindset is vital in our success and survival in this mad world. Sometimes we just have to take those steps forward to keep us from falling back.

Keep inspiring us with your strength and wisdom. May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always Be surrounded by Blessings.

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It is nice to see you move away from the crypto talk. A lot of the things you said resonate with me. I believe we all need to have a positive approach and keep on pushing. Nothing is certain in life, but the great thing there is that, we all have the choice to make the odds work in our favour.

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For sure, Being optimistic and stayin positive in the darkest moments of life proves what you're built of, what you're capable of.

At the same time The NEGATIVES lead us to or simply are an indication that we are just givin up, but the greatest strength that someone can have is turnin their NO to YES

If someone can do that,then he/she can achieve anything!!

Thanks for your Inspiring words sir :)



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Have to say those words have kept many out in the dark buts and ifs while those came to overcome it was indeed able to see something for them self while I do not want to sit back and see what is going on I am being the change that is necessary for me and the people around me (In any way possible). While I believe in Steem and yeah we might be small in numbers now but that day will come when we will cherish this moments and look for others to pull up the chain with efforts of ours.

Lot was inspired by the Vlog Thanks indeed !!


Cube sends utmost gratitude and appreciation for your support!

Over the last year or so, Cube has found a #home and a #voice on Steemit. The foundation is set, and Cube will continue to #build and #grow on #STEEM and the #Steemit platform, which is still young and a great conduit for creative expression. Cube is continuously working behind the scenes to create new and original content, with the goal to #inspire, #motivate, #entertain, and ultimately #engage the Steemit Community.

Dan, your #enthusiasm, #passion, and #support for Steem and the Steemit Community are contagious and inspirational. Keep up the great work... You are appreciated!



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Solid message. Direct, organized, and well spoken. Spreading economic freedom/humanitarianism have been the biggest reasons I've stuck around here. I can't say that I pack a lot of punch for that on a big scale just yet, but I've really enjoyed helping those in ways I can. Burning the boats was a great concept to reevaluate on my end. I've somehow never heard that expression before. Thanks.

Attitude defines your destiny according to the Stoics.

To invest in you, in knowledge, in your energy, above all in enthusiasm, nobody follows sad people as you say it, exact to treat with kindness, a teacher repeated to me that with humility we had the open doors. I like this post for the positive energy that contagious!

Just do it!

If only you could only watch me when I talk about steem to others mate...I am shining. Without "buts" and "ifs"...
To outsiders, to friends and family...even at work. And I always get that same look as if I am an alien and I don't know what I am talking about.

How the hell will we wake those people up? I cannot force anyone to share the same vision I have...but at least here where I live, they are brainwashed. Period

In time I believe it will become easier and easier.

What makes people 'believe' is when I tell them 'attention is worth money, look at how Facebook earns money from your attention. Now it's time that money that is paid for your attention comes to YOU' - and I tell them how I believe everything we now pay for will make us money since every single company will simply have to pay for you to give them attention. Steem is just one example where attention gets paid, but there are many more that will come.

Really, this explanation works better than 'I get paid to post' :D.

By no means I tell them that I get paid to post. That is a poor explanation. I try to convince them about the revolution crypto will bring. Interesting stuff...Yet, I get replies such as “Did you see that Russian guy who was arrested for being involved in BTC” Really now? Uneducated...the worst disease

:') WTF, yes, I know, I'm watching tv series and every time Bitcoin is mentioned it's only in a criminal setting. It will take some time, but as soon as I can buy my friends a round of beer with my crypto creditcard... They will regret not having listened to me :')

Edit: US. Listened to all of us. Lol.

It is good that we stay optimistic about the future and stay positive always. Positivity is the key to everything in life. One who stays negative all the time will never amount to something because such person will always see the bad side of everything while ignoring the surplus good of it.

Like you have just said, lets do away with people that kill our dreams and visions. Discard every toxic person while opening your heart to those that will help you grow.

Thanks for this motivation @theycallmedan

Never stop investing, invest in your investment. I truly believed that too. And the part you talked about burning the bridge, bro, that takes a lot of gut to do, though as you have said it brings this high level of courage.

Steem On.

That true that people prefer to follow enthusiastic people instead the one that drain your energy and motivation.

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Awesome brother, can you imagine the day when we all look back only to realize we had a Steem blockchain preacher the whole time? Burning the boats!

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Whatever you can do to achieve your dreams, just do it. Do not get discouraged by anything. Stay positive and optimistic at all times.

Invest in steem even now cause there is a future for steem. Steem will moon!

This applies for everything throughout everyday life in the event that we need to prevail as the majority of our encounters and to learn and adjust as we move forward towards our fantasies and targets. On the off chance that we quit easily, we are shameful of it also.

Need to state those words have kept numerous out in obscurity buts and uncertainties while those came to beat it was without a doubt ready to see something for them self while I would prefer not to kick back and see what is happening I am being the change that is fundamental for me and the general population around me (In any way imaginable). While I have faith in Steem and better believe it we may be little in numbers now however that day will come when we will appreciate this minutes and search for others to pull up the chain with endeavors of our own.

I Burn Boats when I bought STEEM to share the same dream with the people here.

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People tired of fence sitters- don't be afraid to speak your mind be controversial or average.

And this is one of the bottom line of been an achiever, I love this.

Let's fight for our dreams and work to achieve it, let's be a source of inspiration for many people. we must promote what we are passionate about, fill with enthusiasm, all those who wish to join us, and of course, we do not allow anyone to take us away from our dreams, with their bad vibrations and negative thoughts.

we must be optimistic, facing the future, fight for our dreams, without rest, and not allow, that nothing, or anyone, truncates us with their negative thoughts. the future awaits us

Just do it 😍😍😍😃😃😃
Winners don't do Different things they do things differently.
Just do it

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Powering up is my burning the boats. I have panic sold some other cryptos but being powered up keeps my Steem safe. I know the price has gone down but by staying powered up, I can make more Steem now.

It is great that we remain hopeful about the future and remain positive dependably. Inspiration is the way to everything throughout everyday life. One who remains contrary all the time will never add up to something on the grounds that such individual will dependably observe the awful side of everything while at the same time overlooking its surplus great. Like you have quite recently stated, lets get rid of individuals that execute our fantasies and dreams. Dispose of each poisonous individual while opening your heart to those that will enable you to develop.

I put stock in steem and each time I get extra cash I place it into steem control.

Invest constantly, put resources into your speculation. I genuinely trusted that as well. What's more, the part you discussed copying the extension, brother, that takes a ton of gut to do, however as you have said it brings this abnormal state of fearlessness. Steem On.

Hi Dan,
Excellent points made ... the rewards are clearly waiting - but the road may be long! You have to be in it, to win it! - And there is seldom gain without pain!

When BTC hits 75k in the coming months we will have made 25X form this position - such amazing returns are worth waiting a little!!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

That genuine that individuals like to pursue excited individuals rather the one that deplete your vitality and inspiration.

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