This is a blessing and an honor for us @sc-v, a Christian community that has projects in Venezuela as "Bread From Heaven" and activation of the canteen of children with cancer, @theycallmedan, sincerely, we thank you, and we will make good use of this delegation, you are sowing in good soil, a land that sows love, and collects fruits. We declare blessings on your life, and close with a word for you: what you sow today for the most needy, you will pick it up double, because the one who gives to the poor gives to God, and God blesses the cheerful giver, we have already seen that you give with joy.


Congratulations @sc-v, to our leader @darlenys01 and @sirknight, this is a delegation of love, @theycallmedan, you will be satisfied in the place where you are placing this gesture of solidarity.

Congratulations @darlenys01, no doubt @sc-v is something wonderful, thanks for being with noostros and your beautiful work, thanks to our leader @sirknight for supporting us at all times.

God is wonderful, in good hands this delegation @theycallmedan. Gracias @darlenys01 and @sirknight, protagonists in this beautiful work.

Thanks DARLENYS, I know how you help the Venezuelan communities expecially during these difficult period, I'm glad you can further help them with this, congratulations on behalf of @steemchurch

Congratulation @sc-v now the effort of your mission gets a new zeal and wish you all the succesd

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Thank @steemflow,For your good wishes.

Huge thumbs up for you @sc-v

Congratulations :)

Glory to God. hallelujah God is good.

Congrats to @sc-v, great!

Congratulations @sc-v. Your project win 5K SP delegations for one year.
Great work @theycallmedan. Your un-stoppable huge work will bring steem big place sure,

Primero que nada me alegra ver muchos Venezolanos en ese sorteo @theycallmedan y más me emociona que @steemchurch hayan sido los ganadores, se que le darán un buen uso a esos 5k de Steem Power y trabajando todos los Venezolanos unidos muy pronto saldremos adelante y lograremos salir adelante. " Dios lo Bendiga."

just wanted to thank you for what looks like some daily support on some of my posts, not sure what i've done to earn that but thank you all the same, it really helps.

You have been steeming & giving to the community a lot today man! This is what I call a true role model :) Thanks for being such an inspirational Steemian, Dan.

That was a fun way of doing it and now I know where to find a randomizer. Congratulations to sc-v as this will really help them.

Thank you for your good wishes @cryptoandcoffe, without a doubt this will be of great help for our projects in Venezuela.

Congratulations @sc-v for the win and you're doing amazing support to community @theycallmedan have a great day.

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This is great @theycallmedan, I hope that someday, I'll also be this favoured🙏

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This is fantastic gesture here wow, couldn't be any better man, I'll like to say thank you on behalf of these communities really, expecially @steemchurch, it'll really go ahead in helping their cause

@theycallmedan this is a great project, it is not in vain this sowing.Thanks from Venezuela.

congratulations to the winner @ sc-v. thanks to @theycallmedan for the great work he does, and for the nobility, by providing many users, who in turn help other users of this great platform, such as steem

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Wow great news for the Venezuelan community. Really good!

Congratulations to all the winners
I hope some day there is a DELEGATION offer for steemians (not for projects) and I win .

You are very giving of your time and energy. Thanks for all you do for Steem

congrats @sc-v a blessing from a very generous man.
may you help many.

Thanks @rebeccabe, Very kind words, but this delegation is a blessing for many lives.

this is a good contest, good luck continues to please you

Wow congratulations all winner Go ahead

this is a good contest!and good day brother?C3TZR1g81UNaPs7vzNXHueW5ZM76DSHWEY7onmfLxcK2iPUqMshF8etZnjU6uH4W9C46eukYCxT2Jar2XCgjBEMJsPuNYSD2cjsoVzP1EjzmbLe7J6jrBLA.png

Congratulations and more power to @sc-v! Keep doing what you're doing good in helping the community specially those in dire need. More success to come your way...

And thanks to @theycallmedan for this generous love for the Steem community. More power too to you!

The participation of so many communities in these initiatives are a great indicator of growing content and the diversity available around the world.

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We are a blessing man.We are so blessed to have you on this platform.@theycallmedan

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Congratulations to @Sc-v. More love will be shared to the VENESUELANS.

Congratulations on your 5k delegation @sc-v 👏

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Congratulations @sc-v!!

So happy righT now!

Thanks @theycallmedan

Congratulations @sc-v

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@sc-v, Congratulations and keep going on.

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The randomizer picked the right community to receive the SP delegation. And as always, great initiative @theycallmedan.

I do think that you are creating an impact to the Steem ecosystem. And also, you investing to Steem and spreading motivation to communities is the reason why the Steem is going green recently. Thanks!🤘

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Congratulations to all winners. Special congrats to @steemnurse

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Awesome @theycallmedan keep them coming......Steem on 👌

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