I recognize that photoshoped cover pic, Dan. 😄😉

I'm glad you used it, it brought a smile to my face. 👍

And thanks for being an active investor and trying hard to make Steem(it) succeed big time.

Looking forward to being on the show :) Thanks for all you do @theycallmedan

Looking forward to the show as well, cheers!

Steem Tank, wow! :) Sounds like a super cool project. Cannot wait to see what comes out of it. Thanks for yet another inspiring initative Dan, it does feel like our blockchain has been by far the most active one lately... Once the market sentiment changes, we will be up for some exciting times, I have no doubt.

Everyone who is building something on/for Steem right now should take this opportunity with both hands. I can only imagine the value of the no-nonsense feedback I suspect Dan is able to give to any project - plus the additional exposure from being in a show dedicated to projects that are in development.

I'll ReSteem this for more visibility and looking forward to the get-together. I'm stoked you are so stoked about Steem and let your belief in what we can achieve with this place create a ripple effect throughout the whole community. I appreciate it. Cheers.

@theycallmedan, Yes, if already communities or individuals are working on something effective then idea of Collaboration will prove really standing point for Steem Blockchain. I really want to appreciate your steps brother. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you.

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Looking forward to hearing this new concept as it could bring some great ideas to develop here given the proven flexibility and capabilities the protocol has demonstrated.

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That’s awesome, I’m looking forward to Steem Tank! I’m wondering what kind of good ideas will come out! 😎

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Where can i get more details about the show? Would love to stop by.

Thursday May 2nd, 4PM EST (8PM UTC)

Thank you

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Iniziativa molto interessante

At looking at the price of STEEM it is really down in this matket .the things of development on STEEM can only be able to help to grow as far as we can.

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Please, is there any discord link for this show? Thank you.

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That’s massive @Dan, just be ready fo tons of emails!

Yes! We call you Dan!

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Cant wait for the show Dan.
These price levels are buying opportunities in my opinion.
Steem will grow into something big i can feel it.

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STEEM needs good developers that will solve some of world problems @theycallmedan so that it would create more demand for it which will make it more valuable. This takes time.

For real, that part of the vlog " it would be horrifying if steem doesn't live up to its full potential"
I felt that to the core. Too much greatness here fo it not to succeed.

I’m glad that your attitude here is bringing us together Dan.

Unity is our strength!

Yes! We call you Dan.

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