Chill & Curate

in dtube •  4 months ago 

Nothing exciting, just chillen & curating on Steem.

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hey dan finally got on steemit its like i landed on a different plant trying to figure my way around nlc2 for life


any guidance would be much appreciated for quick learning of the terrain thanks bud


For step is an upvote to get your rep up! :) Then you can do a #introduceyourself post to get to know more people here. is the OG UI but I recommend you also check out @partiko or for a fancier UI. For basics on how private keys work here:

And reach out anytime d8niel, you know where to find me :) glad to see you on Steem!


Thanks for the recommendation!

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thanks for your help

Well ,Iam doing the same thing myself right now. And it is so relaxing to me as well. Also your video wouldn't open??

Btw, speaking of Curation. I posted a Controversial Vlog post tonight on the "'trainwreck" that is known as Dtube Curation/Upvoting . Check it out if you get a chance. I talk about Cronyism and Greed on Dtube platform !

Robert Andrew


Actually I also am still yet to understand the way dtube curating works. I have seen people complained about the partiality in it though


I'll drop by to see it my friend really, I'm sorry I haven't dropped by in a while, I'm caught up with life issues really.

Thanks for being kewl. Steem on

Yes able-staked steemians should curate because it is supposed to be that way @theycallmedan otherwise new people will just shy away from this site especially those that do good blogging and such.

And that's how it should be 💯💯💯💯 I like the new energy you're bringing here on steem... Ranging from the delegation contests to, your support via upvotes. You the man! Followed you!

Keep curating and showing love to content creators on #steem. Indeed, you're motivating more quality contents on #steem.

Thanks @Theycallmedan

Well I'll definitely have to say I'm chilling too, and well your curating activities are awesome considering that they're mainly manual really, always captivating vlogs really

Great curation efforts as it shows the great diversity of content and people in the ecosystem! Thanks for you work!

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Great to hear you laugh with that "Snow, Synths and Techno" video for instance! You surfing through STEEM and describing what this is doing to you sounded a lot like what is going on with me when I do this. Some of these posts stick with me for a few minutes, hours, days or... well a lot longer. Sometimes they're so impacting like a sudden gut punch if you let that happen... which I tend to do. Others are just great for stretching your consciousness and a lot of them - thankfully - make you laugh and enjoy what people share and this crazy, beautiful thing called life.

Thanks a million Dan for everything you’re doing to empower people of our Blockchain!

Wow, that 80% upvote from you is really weighty. The content is worhty for it.

And I agree, in fact a goal without plan and action is merely a wish. It's motivational and the article is well written.

Thanks for bringing this Chill & Curate segment @theycallmedan🤘

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maybe it takes time to process, one day it will definitely be interesting

Have beautiful day cool dear

Yes i agree with you..
And all steeminas to create cool stuation that's a time to have cool..


keep curating and keep supporting us like this.

Good morning DAN you are really awesome Steemian I ever met in steemit platform. I m a big fan of yours videos

I'm not good at power reading, will have to work on it. I'm also not good at writing long posts, something else to work on.

Steem On....Happy Weekend👍

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Keep up the good work dan 👍

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I enjoying chillen and curating steem while pooping

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Great time and attention spent for the community. Thank you 🙏

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lol thanks for watching man @theycallmedan no robots this time but I will manage for next time hahaha


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Might want to share this.

I wrote a post but much more folks will see it if you write it. Its STEEM hype week on Twitter and its Steem Monster turn. :D

Permit me to unashamedly ask that you check out my blog and see if you'll find anything you like (hope you're don't mind curating rants, nonsense and low grade poetry though) @theycallmedan

Nice video. I also am probably doing the same thing. Create post, comment and upvotes

I'd like to have your thought on FreedomEx a new steem based dex I just watched a video and was kinda impressed.

Thank you so much gentleman for being on this platform. God bless you .You are doing a great job.😊😊

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have a nice day

Kudos to you for this man! I didn´t even know you do manual curation too. I know I have already said that before but you have been doing so much for the Steem community! Your support is highly appreciated, especially by us who have decided to go full-time steeming. Definitely making a difference for us in these bearish times. Thank you!

Hello Dan, #steem full on.. Hustle on.. have a great day.

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same 👍 😄 and now i think you've tempted me to go back to night mode 😂

What's your thoughts on SIG do you think they will bounce back?

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greetings, dan

very nice work, man. Thank you for help steem members to grown up

lets hustle steem on twitter :D

Thank you for the very generous upvote Dan. You rock.