Crypto - Bullish For The Micro & Macro

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Micro talk.
TA - 50/50 it goes anywhere
People invested in crypto when the entire supply was released with no customers or anything built. Like a blanket falling and speculators keeping it up with sticks.
Tech is the fastest growing sector and will continue to be
Stripe is seven lines of code worth 20bil -pomp

Consensys - throwing 100's millions at ETH use cases. - 1 billion dollar fund.

Listening to mainstream media, watching films of late has been uneasy.
Constant mind programming all day on the news stations. - Addictive. Hit every nerve.

We live in a constant lingering of some ww3 like event.
The fact we have so little control is the exact reason we tend to overcontrol what little we can.
In the process of trying to protect the wolf has entered the hen house.

Your ambitions come true, be prepared.
State actors vs. Witnesses
Satoshi UI

Don't state it, become it. We are everything at the same time.

Content should be timeless. Censorship is no different than book burning. They are promoting a certain mentality over another.

    Watch at 1.25x speed for a better viewing pleasure!

Pay with crypto, accepting Steem soon!

Looking forward to selling Fasted and proving a merchant use case for Steem.

  • Sad to learn about dstors leaving today. I am positive someone will step up to fill the void. - If this person is you, reach out to me and let's see what we can get accomplished.

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A fasting supplement coming soon from dan the man? I’m interested 😎

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shoot me your address and I will send you a free months supply.

Awesome Man!!! How can I hit ya up? 😀

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HMU on Twitter

About what supply are you talkin? :D

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Good morning @theycallmedan
I like the way you said good morning 😍😍
Thanks for the video

Dan is finally back :)

Great talk! Thanks for the video :)
Greets from germany

@theycallmedan, As an Full Time Steemian, i am ready for the Crazy Steem Ride and you've said true, we are already watching the heights of censorship and people are banned, so for sure for many Steem Blockchain can be reflect as big opportunity, and in my opinion it's an opportunity.

Most of the Media Houses will never speak for people, but they speak as per the propaganda, so it's important to open our eyes to see what is actually happening and where is actual opportunity is standing and positioned. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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And I'm already seeing people on youtube laughing to the bank how steemit turned out to be not censorship resistant like everyone thought. Again, people are confusing steemit with Steem....sigh, I wonder if outsiders will ever learn the difference.

To me this was a great example of the opposite, how censorship resistant Steem truly is since you can use other frontends to access the data. Nothing's lost and never will be, if that isn't censorship resistance, then I don't know what is.

Yea. People confuse that really easy..

Have to argument in the german community all the time.. :D

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Hi Dan,
Nice on! Yes we really do need more Steem accepting merchants.
Haha: "blanket falling and speculators keeping it up with sticks." Hilarious and excellent description!

Have a wonderful 2019 bro!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

It's sad to know that platform specialists have not been faithful enough to a system. The developments of each day are greater, new challenges will come and we will be waiting for them as soon as possible.

Looking forward to selling Fasted and proving a merchant use case for Steem.

Looking forward to this as I think that once the first ideas roll-out, there will be a flood to come.

Good talk as always man. Fastit (I like that!) The hoops we have to jump through in CA is ridiculous to start a business. Love the use case idea, its not new but it is what needs to be done. Why is Steem not liquid enough for trading?

When trading, slippage becomes an issue. The order books for Steem are not thick enough to do serious trading for me. More exchanges are needed, esp with USD/USD backed crypto pairings.

Yah, there has been controversy about the loyalty of dstors on this platform, so am not too surprised that it left. People come and go, but developments continues.

Shame. Time to make something better then.

Yes, and hopefully fast.

I believe they were only censored on Steemit as most other interfaces still have them up. Not surprising given that Steemit is based in the US.

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hay, this is the first video I seen belong you. Nice.
great that you mentioned steemit is not steem. this is such an important message to send out.

Interesting to hear about your product. I sell digital products online and I also want to prove my use case. feel free to check out my business plan

I dont trade, any time I tried, it went against me. But its still good to hear that traders are bullish

Its a bloodbath out there. it will intrigue check whether some other shrewd contract stage will assume ethereums position. A dstore would be exceptionally sound for steemit.

Extraordinary talk. It so pitiful to see that some vendor are not extremely dedicated to the framework. Be that as it may, we should look for snappy crosswords for changes soon. @theycallmedan

Welcome back sir

I will watch this content after my yoga practice and later comment on it. You always gives us so clever advices

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its a bloodbath out there. it will be interesting to see if any other smart contract platform will take ethereums place. A dstore would be very healthy for steemit

Even i was bit confused after knowing about them so i simply left thinking about @dstors hope to see a video in future who can explain me everything..😁😁

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I have no idea about Crypto.But steem day by day down it very sad news. I think online earning is a lot risk.

So the D-Stors project is really gone... That is sad. Hopefully, like you said, some other Steem brains will come up with something similar to fill the void. Thanks for your willingness to support projects like this, Dan.

This was some epic talk this is the first time I have dropped by your posts but consider me a follower I look forward to what else you have to bring!

More content to wash myself crypto. Isn't that great 😀

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Well said
There is constant brain washing by the media which is in turn controlled by the government which is controlled by the business men who has the bloody idea of exploiting other humans

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Steem DApp Growth Exceeded EOS Last Month:

Incredible talk! A debt of gratitude is in order for the video

Great evening @theycallmedan
I like the manner in which you said great afternoon
A debt of gratitude is in order for the video

Even i was bit confused after knowing about them so i simply left thinking about @dstors hope to see a video in future who can explain me everything..😁😁

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Great talk as dependably man. Fastit (I like that!) The bands we need to hop through in CA is ludicrous to begin a business. Love the utilization case thought.

There has been debate about the steadfastness of dstors on this stage, so am not very astounded that it left.

I have no clue about crypto. But steem step by step down it extremely tragic news.

Good morning sir and how are you
i like your talk sir. thanks for share a great post sir

Indeed, even I was bit befuddled in the wake of thinking about them so I just left reasoning about @dstors want to see a video in future who can clarify me everything.

Good talk sir

people confuse, the steem, which is a cryptocurrency, with the steemit platform, this being the means by which the cryptocurrency is obtained ... I regret that there are investors who have not been loyal with this great platform ... other better ones will come and we will continue to grow in the name of God.


Thanks for sharing a great post sir

Bullisness is on yet again thanks for sharing the video

Great video. Thanks!

Im totally confused in grafts

I just love this.
Can you tell me if this is the correct news or not?

Well said. Incredible talk. It so pitiful to see that some vendor are not exceptionally reliable to the framework. However, we should look for fast crosswords for changes soon. A debt of gratitude is in order for this @theycallmedan

Its a bloodbath out there. it will interest check whether some other keen contract stage will expect ethereums position. A dstore would be incredibly stable for steemit. @theycallmedan

It's dreary to understand that arrange geniuses have not been adequately committed to a system. The enhancements of consistently are increasingly important, new troubles will come and we will sit tight for them at the most punctual chance. @theycallmedan

An extraordinary case of the inverse, how oversight safe Steem really is since you can utilize different frontends to get to the information. Not all that much's and never will be, in the event that that isn't restriction opposition, I don't realize what is.

Welcome back @theycallmedan
Incredible talk, Thanks for sharing this video @theycallmedan

There has been discussion about the constancy of dstors on this stage, so am not incredibly astounded that it left. People travel all completed, yet sorts of advancement continues.

I am prepared for the Crazy Steem Ride and you've said genuine, we are as of now viewing the statures of oversight and individuals are restricted, so without a doubt for some Steem Blockchain can be reflect as large chance, and as I would see it's a chance.

Well said. Great talk. It so sad to see that some merchant are not very faithful to the system. But we must seek for quick crosswords for changes soon.

Thanks for this @theycallmedan


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