Living in a Truck in the Desert

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I recently quit my job as a Producer in the Video Game Industry, packed everything I needed into my truck and drove down to the Southwest of the United States to live free in the Deserts!

There was always so much that I wanted to do, like making videos and writing articles for Steemit, but even though I had simplified my life drastically over the course of a year I was still unable to find the time and energy to focus on what was most important to me. I identified my job as the primary problem, so I set about to find ways of living without it.

I learned through a site called CheapRVLiving that there was a community of people who were living in their cars, trucks and RVs for free on BLM land, and they all seemed to be loving it! It really called to me, especially since I'd already learned to live in my truck in the city awhile ago.

As soon as I'd finalized my departure from work and put everything I didn't need in storage (e.g. the Yurt), I hopped in my truck and drove out of the wet freezing weather of Washington to the sunny warm deserts of Arizona! Here's a look at my current campsite near Lake Havasu:


I can get by with so little in the way of possessions out here. I have a laptop and a cell phone, and I can do all of my work and other leisurely internet activities from inside my truck. I can cook using a small propane burner, and the 20-pound propane tank I have lasts a very long time. A single 100-Watt Solar Panel runs everything I use on a daily basis, including my Whole Body Vibration Plate!


I love waking up every morning as sunlight starts coming up over the hills! An hour later and it's warm enough for me to stand with my skin exposed bathing in the Sun's light with my feet grounded to the Earth below me. It's such a wonderful healing experience! I then have the rest of the day to focus on what I really want to be doing... like writing this article and recording videos. I've never felt so grateful.

Thanks for stopping by!

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We’ve gone nomad as well and are in Lake Havasu escaping Oregon’s winter. We checked out RTR last weekend. Maybe we will see you around. Share a beer and a pipe.

Looking at your pictures I can see we are very close by. I’m looking at the same mountain right now. Just south of town.

Yup, just south of town. I'm here one more day then heading to New Mexico.

Email me if you'd like to meet before I go:
[email protected]

Whoops, suppose I should create an email address before I give it out... give it 2 hours to come online please.

Looks awesome :) Aren't your data costs through the roof? Are there even cell towers in the desert?

Hi @camb! I'm on an Unlimited Data Plan, so the cost is the same no matter what (~$90 a month). I just switched from T-Mobile to Verizon yesterday because they have WAY more coverage out here. I also have a WeBoost which amplifies my signal by a large amount.

Cool. I thought the unlimited plans get limited in speed after a few GB of use. Maybe that's just around here. I haven't looked into it for a while. Probably should. ;)

I pay $10 more a month to never have those limiters come into play. They also do a lot less limiting even for the standard unlimited plans than they used to in my experience.

What is BLM land ?

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