double post

in dtube •  5 days ago  (edited)

this was a double post

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Ed, I've loved your work for a long time. I have been following the Epstein Island bullcrap for years, but this particular situation from the MIT Media Lab I learned from my tech news RSS feed, and I just figured I'd add the TechCrunch article I read before seeing your excellent coverage:

Thank you, and thanks for following my channel - will check this out now :)

Did you happen to hear about Richard Stalman defending Jeffery Epstein!? I'm pretty sure you've mentioned him at some point in the past. He's the founder of the Free Software Foundation, as well as the GNU Project. You'll sometimes see Linux called GNU/Linux, because without GNU, LInux is mostly worthless. He's an M.I.T. alumni, so he's connected via the Media Lab controversy. He's always been kind of a hero of mine, but he said something along the lines of "Everyone involved did so willingly". I'm very disappointed about this one, even though he's been known to do/say controversial things prior.