YouTube loses 70 billion in market cap, due to banning conspiracy videos

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After banning conspiracy videos on YouTube, the parent company Alphabet lost more than 70 billion dollars in market cap today.

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My ohh my I start to wonder when head will begin rolling, so many catastrophic mistakes in a short period of time by them it’s making room for completion to flourish!

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indeed, its a good thing lol


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We cant say that we are mad. The "other" platform banned our channel for no reason. They should lose all their market cap just for selling our data!

The free market will hopefully be given room to decide. That is the real question, because they can still put in measures, and are attempting to do this, to stop the growth of alternative platforms. What kinds of videos did you make?

Haha that's great.

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yeah, every cloud has a silver lining. YouTube turned into a psyop, so at the end of the day, although the castle is falling, us in the hay are celebrating!

remember when everything was profit-driven? RIP corporate greed.

haha, yeah i remember those days

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