Firefighters protest 5g technology over concerns for their health

in dtube •  14 days ago

Fighter fighters were so concerned about the impact on 5g on their health and recently protested about it being setup on their fire station.

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The only way the public will take notice is if our officials start standing up for what is right... 5g is some scary stuff when you start thinking about effects on generations developing into it!

Good for them 💪


Yeah, i think if they are building these on police stations and fire houses, then it will only be a matter of time because we hear more stories about illnesses :/ hopefully things we changed, but I must admit, I don't hold much hope :/


I wonder if it has hit Canada yet? What I mean is the fire departments here have the technology to be able to scan your house and read nearly anything from heat signatures to being able to detect if power wires are live. I’d imagine those same tools could pull a reading from the 5g radiant energy also. I have a few buddies in the department so maybe I’ll see what they have to say about it.

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We need to get out tinfoil hats on!



Or Tin Foil Suites on LOL


Yea I was thinkin' of that too.
You can buy Tinfoil lined hats on Ebay..I'm going to get a few.
they come on different types and styles.
I tried plain tinfoil last year and it seemed to give a real calming effect.
I thought maybe I imagined it -- but maybe not.

Stop 5G worldwide...
90.000 electromagnetic impulses on the human cell.
This is an attack on all our health and most dangerous
for children, whos bodys and brains is still growing.
Resteemed.Important message.
Check this one:

5g should not only raise concerns concerning humans, but also birds, bees and other wild animals and how it will probably effect them as well. I have a very strong feeling that pollinators are affected by electro magnetic radiation. Human welfare will be at risk if EMR will increase.

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In direct response to the headline, I feel as though there's more dangers to a fireman's well being than 5G.

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As I understand its not only a health issue if it comes to fire fighters but als us an fauna... even flora might sufferfrom it.
The EU leaders (big mouth and plans if it comes to the environment) want 5G in a few year been realized... imagine many do not even have a steady guaranteed connection of 3G.

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