MSM lobbying for Tommy Robbinson's YouTube deletion, shows importance of D.Tube and Steemit

in dtube •  16 days ago

Tommy Robbinson is probably most likely going to have his YouTube channel deleted soon. This whether it happens or not, shows the importance of using alternative platforms of speech like D.Tube and Steemit.

Here is the Tommy Robbinson video:

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Well, Silence is golden and curiosity killed the cat.
Why would the almighty They want anyone to voice an opinion opposing the narrative? Different opinions are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, etc. Those opinions are evil and will corrupt the good people of the world.
Best to keep them quiet, murmuring amongst themselves the loss of their freedoms, safety, and privacy.
Better to rip the suckling babe from the breast of his mother. Than to allow her to offend an adult person completely reasonable and rational in their right to be bubblewrapped and easily offended.
Is it more offensive to misgender a person than it is to separate a hungry infant from its food? Is it? I never would have thought so.

I must be mentally handicapped because I just cannot grasp the thought process of this System.
Where's my TARDIS, I've got go get outta here!


TARDISs are in rare supply right now, because everyone wants to get in that thing and get out of here lol

He exposed both Hate Not Hope and the BBC in a very powerful way. It would appear they are fuming mad and have to find some way to shut him down.

If you have any fellow American friends/acquaintances/colleagues who feel oppressed, targeted, marginalized, ostracized or overwhelmed by the feeling that America is tyrannical, fascist or others wise overly authoritative, all you have to do is look at what is happening to Tommy.


I am only half way through that doco he made at the moment - i seen wikileaks post it and
Suzie Dawson, going to watch more of it this weekend - but that investigation of Hate Not Hope etc., is very compelling alright -