Wikileaks makes statement on Michael Cohen testimony circus

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VIPS showed that the emails were never hacked by the Russians, but where "leaked" by a DNC insider. Everyone knows this except the US congress.

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Why is the Congress so oblivious to the facts!?!

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Its a soft soft never ending coup really I think. We are lucky it is obvious. Its like Brexit in the UK - the same thing is happening over there, with them twisting information etc.,

Soft never ending coup is right.... book title “the never ending coup” written like the kids book but with real information for the awakening munchkins 😅

It’s crazy how effective their disinformation campaigns really are.... may be obvious to those that question things but so many still follow blindly 🤦‍♂️

We need to flip that awakening switch before things get to bad and entire financial sectors start crashing.... sorry granny the darkness of society is about to get blindingly bright!

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