Stocks PLUMMET and Warren Buffett Loses Huge! Imminent Recession as FDIC Says Don’t Panic!

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Apple dropped 10% on Thursday’s trading session. Along with that we see the continued yield curve warnings, the propaganda from regulators suggesting everything is just fine, and the constant determination of the Plunge Protection Team. In the end however, the Fed will dry up liquidity and ensure this market sinks to the ground.

AAPL 142.19 -15.73 -9.96% : Apple Inc. - Yahoo Finance
BRK-A 287,000.06 -17,056.94 -5.61% : Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - Yahoo Finance
brk change %.jpg (776×394)

For Warren Buffett, sinking Apple shares a wish come true | Reuters
Two-year yield dips below key Fed rate for first time since 2008 | Reuters
2y 3y 5y FF.jpg (890×436)

FDIC chair says no concerns about U.S. bank health amid market turmoil | Reuters
3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), based on U.S. Dollar | FRED | St. Louis Fed
0 (485×480)
0 (637×490)
1y10y.jpg (890×436)

Gold Price
^N225 19,407.40 -607.37 -3.03% : Nikkei 225 - Yahoo Finance
layoffs construction industry.jpg (843×565)

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When FDIC says don't worry, you have to worry about a looming credit freeze.

I’d like to see WARREN sharing some food in a soup kitchen alongside all the homeless him and his kind helped to create .