Personal Debt Hits Record High!

in dtube •  23 days ago

The amount of money that people spend on their groceries, the energy bills, their houses are continuously increasing. Little by little and sometimes in big strides. They generally increase faster than wages and so on a long timeline, we see the purchasing power of our currencies declining. It hasn’t been a mystery as to why this is happening, since we already know the central banks have made this their entire agenda. The only question is: what will people do?

20181213-debt-to-income-ratios-canadian-cma.png (650×362)

20181213-mortgage-debt-service-ratios-of-households.png (650×372)

20181213-debt-to-income-by-debt-product.png (650×390)

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I eliminated all my debts years ago , and they still keep trying to get me to join credit card 💳 offers to which to I refuse . I cut all my cards up in 2008 and haven’t looked back .