Fed Meeting Admits Markets Would DROP To the Floor Without Them! Stage Set For QE4.

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The Fed just finished their January meeting. In their official statement, they just admitted the state of the economy. It’s not falling apart, but it’s not where they want it to be. They don’t consider it to be doing well. They can’t even increase interest rates any longer. They can’t reduce the balance sheet much more below the $4 trillion mark. What an embarrassment.

Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs
Dow jumps 500 points to new high of the day after Fed says it will be 'patient' with rate hikes
Powell says the Fed did not change course on interest rates in response to Trump
Fed leaves rates unchanged
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Fed's Big Balance Sheet Wind-Down May Be Halfway Complete: Chart - Bloomberg
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Market has been so volatile past few weeks! And they keep boosting it! No matter that half of the country is closed at the moment ;) that’s called a good boost!

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Just like Government produce no value, the bigger it is the more (otherwise) productive power is wasted. CB fiat also only dilute existing holder's purchasing power as they print. These can only end badly.

They always just make things WORSE .