Is Italy Preparing For COLLAPSE? Italy Tightens Grip On Huge Gold Reserves!

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Italy is making waves in the news for those who are paying attention. First they made it very clear that they don’t like their central bank. Then they decided to explicitly mention Italy’s gold belongs to the people, not the central bank. This may seem to be a small distinction but perhaps if their fate is collapse and crisis, having it put into law that the gold cannot be taken away as all of Italy’s assets are sold off is a very smart move. Let’s see how it plays out.

Italian Populists Target Huge Gold Reserves and Some Cry Foul - BNN Bloomberg
Matteo Salvini talks up seizing control of Italy’s gold reserves
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lots going on here seems more examples of failure of current money system is causing more nations to suffer
im afraid. this is only the beginning

Uh oh... what is going on ? I wanted to travel there this summer

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Thanks David. Good video. Canadian should take note and demand some belt tightening and not go where Italy and Greece is.

The race to the bottom is on❗️

Right now we standing on the edge of a new monetary system. BIG things are coming!
@themoneygps, thanks for this great article!

Just goes to show how far we are into the Twilight Zone when 'populist' is the word used by the Mocking Bird media to slander a government that doesn't sing along with the globalist hymn sheet.

Governments main claim for justification is that they represent the populace!