Sharing DTube to 87000+ Subscribers on YouTube

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I just shared a video to my YouTube channel all about DTube, telling people about why they need to sign up!

I've already had plenty of positive feedback amd some people have already put up their first videos.

For example, @christopherdodd just shared his and is already on the Home page!

You can see the original video here -

Check out my Patreon here -


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@thelifeofjord This was a great video. If that reached even half of your youtube followers that would make a HUGE impact. I think the best selling points in your videos are:

  1. Anyone can do this without a huge following.
  2. You have the potential of earning substantial amounts of money.
  3. You showed proof from one of your uploaded videos.

Well done my man!

Thanks for the support and taking time to comment!

I'm still planning to do another video about DTube, showing my Mum's journey over a month since her first time of using it. Should be out at the beginning of August!

Cool! I am looking forward to seeing it.

Made about $110 SBD for my latest dtube exclusive shows in the last 1.5 weeks. That's only 4 videos which is insane compared to the $97.71 USD for 180+ YouTube videos made in 2 years. All of these accomplished with less than 300 followers on Steemit, as compared with 350+ YouTube subscribers. (also much easier to grow the follower count on Steemit compared to YouTube 😉)

Some crazy statistics, that's why content creators should migrate completely away from YouTube to Steemit/DTube! (which is what I did)

This is awesome! I'm just starting to learn of the power of this platform. Still getting my head around it more accurately, but loving the process:)

First time ever that I've heard of DTube.
Thanks for sharing. Quick question - I have a somewhat decent YouTube channel, can i re-post some of my original content on there to DTube? Or is that not allowed?


@thelifeofjord I am sure dtube is boom in 2018 and 5 year later it will beat youtube.

Yep :-) agree with you ! And we will be some of the first 👍

Amazing effort with potentially big results to grow the dtube community. A mass exodus is coming!

Thanks for this @thelifeofjord buddy. I'll be keeping a regular eye on your articles now, you're quite the man. Thanks for love you have towards DTUBE.

This is really nice.

The more people know about dtube and steemit the better. :)

Well done Jordan! :)

This is a great video this is what will have the platform grow even more

Congratulations, it's a remarkable achievement, your hard work has earned a worthy result, effort does not cheat results.

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you should check out too!

This is actually a great video explaining in a nice way that's very understandable to new comers to d tube. Especially for sharing this with 87,000 people. That's getting the word out. I hope your video made an impact for the Steem community and thank you for sharing. I'll share with some people that I know so they can get a brief understanding better than I can explain to them.