Why You Need To Visit Sri Lanka in 2019 - TOP 9 REASONS

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Here are 9 reasons why Sri Lanka is the No. 1 Country to travel to for 2019!

I've been fortunate enough to visit Sri Lanka a few times over the past few years and these are my reasons why everyone should go this year.

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I love Sri Lankan people becouse they are friendly with outsiders and provide assistance and make friends with the visitors of the country which is one of the attractions and repeat the experience again


@sophiajames, Have you ever been to visited Sri Lanka?


no but my friends visit it and told me about it

Maaan I love your videos. Really great content and helpful tips. I feel like I just pre-traveled Sri Lanka. Absolutely on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing buddy, have a wonderful day!

I wish I could visit srilsnka one day!


If you'll come to Sri Lanka I say Welcome and you have to meet great supporting humans.

That was a really good video !
I didn’t know Sri Lanka was so wonderful . That monument at the end looks really good. Would love to hike it !

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You already seen how was beautiful Sri Lanka through Jord's video contents. It's marvelous attractive island.

Wow editingnya keren

Cool vid. Thanks for sharing. I love traveling and need to get more in...and SOOOOOON!!!!

wow , i always wanted to go Sri lanka , beaches, culture , tropical vibes, great place for holiday.. It's on my wish-list..