Even Brewers Think It's Okay to Drink Cocktails

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This is a promotional video for Bellingham Cocktail Week (http://www.bellinghamcocktailweek.com), in which we interviewed some of our local brewers to let beer-drinkers know it's OK to drink cocktails sometimes. Bellingham is a beer-dominated city with over a dozen craft breweries, and was once voted in the top 2 snobbiest beer cities in America by a national magazine. This was a fun prank to pull on some very good-spirited gentlemen.

*Note: nobody was euthanized during the production of this video.

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I will laugh again when you post another funny thing

I like Pixie Sticks. Yeah, screw the middle man. Just a tube of sugar... I'd pour two of those in a big 12 ounce coke. And I'd go out to catechism class and try to concentrate on the priest. I saw Jesus several times. I swear I did.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the first use of alcohol typically begins at age 12.

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