Media Meltdown After Trump Insults Chuck Todd

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Chuck Todd and Donald Trump engage in an insult battle and the media melts down. Maybe talk about actual dangers in the corporate media?

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The media is eating itself from within. So much time and effort went into making a synergistic system where the powers that be have a clean arm of communication and propaganda can be unfettered. With Trump in the White House, he's like the wildcard that doesn't have any allegiances to that system (and if he does, they are only artificial; we all know Trump uses people and corporations for his benefit only, not theirs). For that, I appreciate him currently being the President because he will force a shift in consciousness and how we go about learning truths (particularly, who from).

I love getting my news from Jimmy because there is a clear transparency in his motives: the truth.

These fucking people are vile and disgusting. Chuck Todd is to news what Billy Mays is to a commercial where the cleaning agent is a snortable what powder that makes you forget your cloths were even dirty in the first fucking place! Fuck these mother fuckers!

Chuck is not a journalist, he's a talking head. To say no one is more powerful than the president is not exactly accurate. Presidents are just puppet talking heads just like our 'journalists.'

Chuck "the fuck" Todd ;