Homeschool Life: Hauling Wood Tutorial!!!

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Today on Homeschool Life we are going to show you how we haul wood here at our house. We have to get the wood out of the barn and take it to the back deck of the house, then load it into the wood box in the house. It is a lot of work. My brother and I have to do this about once a week.

Thank you for watching!

Lego lord

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Hauling wood, almost as much fun as chopping it.

Good times!

Looks like those boys are going to have a great work effort, I am sure their dad is setting a good Biblical example for them!

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Bo and I both think work ethic is so important.

It truly is, as there seems to be a huge push for people to do something other than work with their hands, like almost saying you should be ashamed if you do. So sad.....

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Great to see you back on DTube.

I love this Homeschool Life series.

Thank you very much. My son loves making the videos!!!

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