Wellness Wednesday...BUUUUTTT on a Thursday!!!

in dtube •  5 months ago

So on the evil Facebook, I still talk to my friends and share Wellness Wednesday to my peeps for my Young Living business. This week I thought I would share with you all. This is something very close to my heart and something that led us on a journey for Truth apart from the modern church business.
Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching!!!

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You could probably make a thing out of this "....but on a ....day" phrase. Pretty sure nobody does and it is original enough to be charming. Make it your own.


lol i actually stole it from Americas funniest home videos!


That's a shame. A shame indeed.

howdy there you couple of freaks! nutcases! lol! people actually were concerned for your ..what?...mental and spiritual health? because you wanted to take the Sabbath off? so ridiculous. Well if I say anything about what you said I'd just repeating what you said so I'll just say I'm in total agreement with ya'll. and God bless the whole tribe! including the animals!


Often it sure feels like we are freaks. But I'm thinking that means we are doing something right. We aren't supposed to look like the world. We are called to be set apart. Appreciate your support. You are very kind.:) God bless you as well!


yes Ma'am we're supposed to viewed as Aliens on this earth because that's what we are. and it's a very temporary stay anyway.

Besides, the more bold, eccentric and successful you are
the more influence you have in the world system and since we
have spiritual authority over the carnality-based world or
Babylonian system, our influence for the Gospel can be great indeed.

Hey @thefarmerswife 👋 It's like Freedom Friday!....But on a Tuesday! 😃


What's up! I stole it from AFV! Lovin that gun you unboxed! My son would loooove to have that! Super cool!