Puppy Update Week 3!!!

in dtube •  5 months ago

Are y'all tired of puppies yet?

Well this is pretty much our life right now! They are getting cuter and starting to walk and bark and play. The breeder came and picked the one that she wants. Now it is time to sell some puppies! I'm not sure my heart can take it! Thanks for watching!

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Greetings, thefarmerwife

Excellent video. I really enjoyed your puppy. Speaking of which, I was here giving food to mine. Before the ration she jumps up and down and I have to run after her, hehehe.

Thanks for the video and good night !!!!


Love the little fur babies!!

When you start naming them, you are trouble! LOL They'll be making their home with you! They are so sweet. I wish I was closer or I would take a couple of them...my granddaughter would just love it!


They are so sweet! I wish I could give you one!

ha! wow thefarmerswife.. those little guys are impossibly cute! lol. No I'm not tired of seeing puppies yet, I don't think I will get tired of seeing them. What are the collars, flea collars?


The colors are for telling them apart so I can sell them and know who is who. They are each a different color.


howdy back thefarmerswife! oh I see..well that makes total sense. Hey do all of them have names or is that too many to name lol.