Homeschool Life: How to Build a Lego Rocket Ship!!!

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The Farmers Middle Son is going to show you all how to build a rocket ship with legos. Legos are a big thing at our house. Hope you enjoy this rocket ship build.

Thank you for watching!

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Everybody loves Legos, even adults!

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They are a great thing for the imagination!

today I think it was the day of the reconstructions, I also did a post but of restoration of chairs but I think that yours with the legos is more interesting

That was a cool tutorial little man!
I wish I had such #awesomediycontent videos in my youth to learn how to build rocket ships with my tones of lego :)

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! Really appreciate you watching and commenting. Have a great day!

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

yeah,,, great work dear....

Thanks a lot for your creative, inspiring and motivating video!

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